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cycycychris said:
With beto now out, I find I must find a new favorite. While i find Biden the most electable, he worries me about his debate skills. I worry trump will be able to twist his words and ruin his chances.

I personally do not like Harris or gabbart one bit. Bloomberg and that other billionaire are just trying to buy the election. Bernie is too radical on several positions for me. Yang is a joke imo. Booker stands no chance to win, though I dont mind him.

That's leaves Warren and Buttigieg. I think I'm starting to really like Buttigieg. He has good positions and is young. I wouldnt mind Warren though. I'm for now on pushing for Buttigieg, I think he can carry the rust belt and get the orange trash out of the white house.

So go Buttigieg and if not, Warren will do.

Might I ask which positions?