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trunkswd said:
WoodenPints said:
$100 is the absolute minimum they should go for an All Digital Scarlett possibly $150 but anything under $100 less I think would be pointless and the $50 difference on the SAD showed us no one really cared about that small of a gap to loose the disc drive.

So we are talking about these for prices? 

$499 - Xbox Scarlett with disc drive

$399 - Xbox Scarlett All Digital Edition

Yeah something like that, I'm still on the $449 price point though so 

$449 - Xbox Scarlett with disc drive

$349 - Xbox Scarlett All Digital Edition

I don't think we will see a weaker Lockhart just a SAD Scarlett which makes sense as we are already at the point of 50/50 on Physical/digital and potentially even higher at the jump into next gen, There will probably be at around 33% the userbase that have absolutely no interest in the physical medium anymore along with those who only buy physical with the other third still stuck in the middle of getting both depending on the best deals.

Just imagine only having to pay $349 and getting 1-3 months of Gamepass with the console straight out of the box and having access to Halo Infinite, One of the Forza games and another launch exclusive not to mention all the first party games already out from X1. Last gen day one for what I bought PS4 console + Knack and Killzone: Shadowfall that was $520, Not having to spend $120-180 for a few games like previous gen could be a massive selling point for MS with the Scarlett.

It's definitely an aggressive price point , Maybe I'm been to optimistic on it?

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