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shikamaru317 said:

It’s not unheard of for MS and Sony to play these sorts of spec guessing games with one another. Leakers and developers thought PS4 only had 4GB of RAM right up until it was announced, because Sony decided on 8GB at the last minute.

Don't bring up this nonsense again and again and again. Ram for consoles is ordered AT LEAST one year in advance of actually putting them onto boards. The only cool thing about that nonsense is that Sony was able to dupe (almost) anybody with the 4G line, basically to reveal time.

Neither Microsoft nor Sony has any spare time or money to play games. They basically develop their systems with a final target price (with whatever technology they can use during the development cycle) in mind. The fact that both systems have always come out roughly with the same power tells you their targets are pretty similar if not identical (as can be expected from a mass product).