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Azzanation said:
setsunatenshi said:

one set of studios puts out Spider Man, Horizon, Bloodborne, Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War, etc. The other is putting out sea of thieves, crackdown 3, state of decay, Halo, Gears, etc.

It's not a numbers game, it's the quality difference between the studios.

Having said that, can't wait for wasteland 3 :)

Quality is a debatable topic, The games you picked above is more a preference thing. All those games are completely different to each other so apples to oranges. But if you want to compare quality than its best you put simular games togother. Better comparing same genre games like Halo 5 up with games like Killzone SF or Grand Turismo Sport up against Forza Motorsport 7 etc.

MS claimed most of there studios have 2 teams working on games, eg Rare is making Everwild while the other team focuses on Sea of Thieves etc.

Well, yeah, it's a debatable topic, which is why we are debating it...

I did mention halo on my examples above and it's patently obvious the quality difference in quality output from both lines of first party studios to the general public. If you'd want to put games side by side for some reason, i think it would look more embarrassing for Microsoft if you put their 3rd person action games vs the ones on Sony side.

We have some admission by the Xbox guys themselves in the justification for their studio purchasing spree, they were caught with their pants down all generation and hopefully they can improve. Which goes back to my original point, it's not about quantity, these studios need now to produce the type of quality content Sony WWS have done this gen.. Hope they can, more good games for us all to enjoy.