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Maybe MS will have a more powerful system than PS5 but does it really matter? Intellivision was more powerful than Atari 2600. Master System more powerful than NES. SNES did beat Genesis and SNES overall was the beefier system so there is a win. PS1 is less powerful than N64. PS2 was less powerful than Xbox and Gamecube. Wii was less powerful than PS360. PS4 is a bit more muddled. Base PS4 is better than base Xbox One but Pro is weaker than X. Maybe PS5 will best Scarlett.

Power more often then doesn't really matter. PS4 having much more Japanese support, I just don't see how Xbox can topple PS unless Sony pulls out an XBO reveal blunder or PS3. The last thing I am concerned about next-gen is power levels. I care about my physical games. The kind of games we get that I want to buy. How tolerable are the DLC practices or can I play it offline. I'm more worried about how devs will screw things up.