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Yeah, I'm not buying the behind schedule thing from Jason Schreier either. I remember MS in an interview saying that their hardware team was already working on the next Xbox at the same time they were working on Scorpio (XB1 X) way back in 2017. There's no way that you can go from prototyping next-gen consoles 2 years ago to being significantly behind schedule imo.

Besides, while Jason Schreier has alot of good developer sources, particularly at 3rd party publishers and studios like Ubisoft (dude leaked every AC game from 2012-2018), Tom Warren has always had better MS sources than Jason. Warren leaked Durango (XB1), Scorpio (XB1 X), Scarlett, and Lockhart (which MS later confirmed was a real prototype that got cancelled due to concerns from developers that it would hold back development) as far as I know, and was one of the first sources for each of them, if not the first source for each of them.