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Jaicee said:
tsogud said:

Ehhh I have a bit of a problem with a person's gender identity being seen as "specialized vocabulary"

As a trans rights activist I've definitely had to use the word cis to draw distinctions when explaining to people about the trans experience. It's part of the job to explain and raise awareness.

I'm really just stating that it's ridiculous to say someone is a sjw just because they happen to use a word that's really not even connected to sjws.

Anyways I've taken what you've said and agree with most of it.

To intervene here if I can, I would point out that "cisgender" is not a term that non-trans people have either invented or broadly chosen to embrace ourselves, it's just an arbitrary term that the transgender community has simply imposed on the rest of the population and which most of the time is used in a derisive context. It's not a big deal, but I'm just saying.

Also, the two 'hypothetical' conversations I offered up in that other post were loosely based on somewhat longer real ones that I've either had before or observed unfold. I feel like when one isn't willing to even try and explain what they mean when questioned on the meaning of terms not in common usage among the general population, that has a condescending feeling to it.

@bolded yeah, I do agree. If someone doesn't explain something if asked that is condescending and rude but that's with any conversation not specific to the subject of this convo.

With the first paragraph, it is a big deal and here is where I really have a problem with your stance because before on numerous occasions you've been trans-exclusionary with your language and some of your feminist ideas. We won't go into that now as it's not the time nor place. But saying a minority group is "imposing" something "on the rest of us" is an old right wing tactic of being discriminatory; casting those minority groups as "the other" who's trying to take the agency away from "the rest of us" Just know that language walks a dangerous line.

I'm not going to get into the history of the prefixes "cis-" and "trans-" but they've been around a long time. "cisgender" was a term coined since before I was born in academic journals (less than 20 years after "transgender") by cis scholars, who needed a word to describe someone as not trans. It is a legitimate gender identity.

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