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John2290 said:
thismeintiel said:
I think I got it. At least to me, it looks like it reads, Reboot Games Studio: Develop (short for Development Kit.) They are a studio that specializes in taking outsourced work for indie and AAA games. Seems like a company that might not care about leaking some info.

I accidentally clicked on your sig and went to PSN profiles, holy hell dude, you buy an hell of a lotta games not to play them. What are you foing man, quit your job ASAP and get to completing those games. Re2 in two or three weekend nights easy, at least start there. 

Lol.  To be fair, I just bought RE2 a few of days ago.  Used my Sony Reward points to get $30 on PSN.  But, yea, I have a problem with sticking with one game.  Kinda have ADD when it comes to them.  Love buying them when they are on sale, though.  Makes it a little harder having a family, too.  Infamous games are ones I always platinum.  I did so with Spider-Man, too.  The first two Bioshocks in the HD Collection.