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vivster said:
Runa216 said:

HAve you not been paying attention to anything over the past four years? This will not 'notch Trump down a peg', as the man is completely shameless and has absolutely zero self-awareness. He is so delusional and distanced from Reality I wouldn't be surprised if, one week after he's impeached, he does a press conference claiming he was still the president and that this was just to appease the fake news or some BS conspiracy. 

The man is immune to decency. 

That said, I read as much as I could...is Trump actually getting impeached? or is this just another hopeful wish? 

I'm not saying it will change him. For that he would need the ability of self reflection.

I'm just saying it will give everyone the chance to respond to each of his statements with "Lol, your ass got impeached, shut up idiot!", which will surely annoy him a bit abd give everyone else a tiny bit of satisfaction.

I really don’t understand American politics. It is like a reality TV show for entertainment.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.