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JRPGfan said:
Bandorr said:

So weird.  Why show it at a gaming conference if your target is hospitals? Plus I know they invited people to come try it out. Like JesseCox got to try it. Apparently it was awful. Not designed for glasses, and it had no view for the side so you just saw blackness out of the corners of your eyes.

I guess that answers that question though of it was meant to ever compete with VR.

They needed good PR about something?
And they had been designing this thing for ages and wanted some way to show it off, even if that wasnt what it was buildt for?

The sales target would still be professionals and hospitals, even if it was at a gaming conference.
Why was it there? to make it easier to sell to those professionals + hospitals.

If it gave xbox users, false hope that they could get that instead of VR even better.
As they had backtracked on VR at that point (saying it would no longer be comeing to xbox one x).

So it fixed 2 issues for them.

I remember xbox users going "who cares about VR, we re getting AR soon baby!" "AR is the future, VR is not going anywhere" ect.
it fooled the xbox user base (since then xbox users arnt bitching about getting VR anymore, even if it was promised to them).

Phil seems to get away with breaking alot of promises tbh, without it seemingly hurting his popularity amoung xbox fans.

I doubt it will ever affect the diehards. And while they will continue to make excuses and not admit it, breaking promises does turn off those core gamers who may have been up in the air about which to get (see case study above.) Speaking specifically about VR, if someone was thinking of getting into it after the price dropped, or the 2nd gen headsets are out, Scarlett is now completely off their radar.

And, yea, they may say VR hasn't sold well, but for a peripheral that costs the same as the console used to play it, I'd say it's done damn good. Nearly 5M (probably 5M after this BF week), isn't anything to scoff at. The SW seems to be selling decently, as well.