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the-pi-guy said:
trunkswd said:
I don't see VR becoming mainstream anytime soon. I can see its popularity among core gamers increasing if there were must own games for it, but other than that I see there being a limit until the prices come down. I see AR having a higher chance of becoming mainstream once the technology catches up.

The difference between AR and VR is a lot smaller than people think.  Right now it's mostly the same idea just coming at it from different sides of the same problem.  

Barkley said:

Just add Oculus support... Then they can create VR games that are "Play Anywhere" on Scarlett and PC. It should be a no brainer. They don't even have to make their own games, after all if VR isn't supported why should they care? Adding support for Oculus isn't a big investment.

It would be really nice if all the developers were to open up support for cross platform VR headsets.  Like use a Valve Index, Rift on PS5 or use PSVR2 on PC.  

Bandorr said:
What ever happened to the holo lens?
They were making it, I know some people tried it. Then I never heard from it again. They had that weird Conference where someone used holo lens with I think Minecraft?

Personally just sounds like they don't want to compete. Xbox one wasn't powerful enough. And X1X would have split the fanbase.

Making an Xbox VR game would mean making an "accessory" that works for the PC and the Xbox. You couldn't have it just be xbox or just PC that ruins the whole "theme" of the Xbox play anywhere. And you can't sell a separate accessory for the PC and the XB - they way overburdens the bottom line.

They just announced Hololens 2 this year.  It's a long ways from being released as a gaming accessory.  It's main focus right now is Enterprise/industry uses.  

Its a $3500 device right now.  

It will probably be a few more Hololens versions before they really start going after a gaming market with it.  

"It would be really nice if all the developers were to open up support for cross platform VR headsets.  Like use a Valve Index, Rift on PS5 or use PSVR2 on PC. "

You would have to program the games for multiple VR headsets then, because some of them have differnt funktions or work differntly than others.
Overall you would put more stress/workload on the developers (say if they only made PSVR game) and you have certain vr headsets running at the lowest common demoninator then.

But I get your point, it would be nice if people that already had a occulus rift could just hook it up to a PS4, and just run it like a PSVR.

As a platform holder, I dont see much upside for sony to do this though.


I went and searched for a few videos of Halo Lense 2.
The graphics are kinda horrible at that stage,.....
If you think PSVR has low resolutions and renders with aliasing, its much worse on holo Lense 2 (going by videos).

Its neat though, the idea of storeing a virtual hologram in the real world, and being able to interact with it.
I still think most of its sales, will come from people just trying it for the "novelty" of it, in practical use, its probably gonna remain behinde VR (for gameing) forever.

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