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JRPGfan said:
Bandorr said:
What ever happened to the holo lens?
They were making it, I know some people tried it. Then I never heard from it again. They had that weird Conference where someone used holo lens with I think Minecraft?

Personally just sounds like they don't want to compete. Xbox one wasn't powerful enough. And X1X would have split the fanbase.

Making an Xbox VR game would mean making an "accessory" that works for the PC and the Xbox. You couldn't have it just be xbox or just PC that ruins the whole "theme" of the Xbox play anywhere. And you can't sell a separate accessory for the PC and the XB - they way overburdens the bottom line.

The footage was "faked" to look much better than it actually was for the user (this was proven).
So it was basically a Marketing PR stunt.

Also those Holo lense where like 15,000$.... and a VR version of minecraft would probably give a better experiance with a 400$ headset.

Holo lense wasnt ever ment for gameing imo.
They wanted to sell them to hospitals and the like.

The irony is, that VR headsets are actually in use at some hospitals.
Not for the doctors operations ect, but for the patents that are stuck in a bed.
Haveing a cheap (compairably) vr headset, that allows a person stuck in a sick bed, to not feel that way, can be a huge QoL improvement for a sick person.
Same with people with phantom limb pains ect, theres usecases for it.

So weird.  Why show it at a gaming conference if your target is hospitals? Plus I know they invited people to come try it out. Like JesseCox got to try it. Apparently it was awful. Not designed for glasses, and it had no view for the side so you just saw blackness out of the corners of your eyes.

I guess that answers that question though of it was meant to ever compete with VR.

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