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S.Peelman said:
Wouldn't you want to try to get an original model Vita? The screen of the original is better. Though beyond that I'm not knowledgeable enough to know whether or not the Slim had changes that were actually improvements, like on form factor or something.

Anyway, good luck with your third attempt.

I got the OG model but the screen is the only benefit it has.

The slim is lighter, has larger grips to accomodate your hand, has better battery life, comes with 1GB of internal memory (OG has none, so without a memory card you can't even save any game) and doesn't use a proprietary charger plug anymore, it also has the best overall design IMO.

The OG has the better screen and I love it looking like a psp and being all glass up front (Slim is only for the screen).

So I got the OG anyway because the OLED is so much better than the LCD screen and I love it feeling like a perfect PSP (great screen + two analogs, all the PSP needed). XD

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