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vivster said:
I know nothing of substance will come of it even if the impeachment succeeds but it will do two great things. It will notch Trump down a peg and it will partly restore my current non existent faith in US politics and judicial system to actually function as they're supposed to in a democratic nation.

HAve you not been paying attention to anything over the past four years? This will not 'notch Trump down a peg', as the man is completely shameless and has absolutely zero self-awareness. He is so delusional and distanced from Reality I wouldn't be surprised if, one week after he's impeached, he does a press conference claiming he was still the president and that this was just to appease the fake news or some BS conspiracy. 

The man is immune to decency. 

That said, I read as much as I could...is Trump actually getting impeached? or is this just another hopeful wish? 

I got it all, baby! 

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