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I own a PSVR and some of the games have been superb experience, but I need the tech to improve drastically to become my go to output device. While there are some impressively sharp looking games around like Astrobot, Bound, Squishies or the LittleStar menu, the resolution is just too low to really enjoy it for me, especially games that have you looking into the distance (like racers) are impacted heavily in my opinion. Another thing I'd really love to use VR headsets for is 3D movies, but the PSVR is just not up to the task - there is hardly any 3D effect using it with 3D BRs, as the low res turns the image to mud. Res aside a big damper to the VR experience is the mura that plagues the sets I tested/had and can be described as looking through a dirty window - especially visible in dark games (and easy to ignore in brightly colored ones). Ofcourse tracking should also make a big leap forwards. If all these factors are addressed I'm in for PSVR2, not into PCVR as I don't plan to get into upgrade addiction again.