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Pyro as Bill said:
Questions for you Lawnmower men.

- Do you use it outside of gaming? Would you choose to watch a movie in VR with a 200" screen over a 42" 4K pancake TV?
- Many of you seem eager to upgrade to PSVR2. Why? Is it for the visuals or hand tracking or controllers? If Sony didn't release a new headset would you be happy to use your current VR with PS5?

Not sure what you mean with lawnmower men...

I have used it outside gaming, to watch a movie, 3D movie, porn, and play some pancake games for better immersion on a 200" screen. However I prefer hanging on the couch with a drink and snacks while watching something.

PSVR2 for better resolution and better controllers. Using PSVR on ps5 will be a huge upgrade already. PSVR's resolution can be better utilized with super sampling and higher base frame rates. Some games are much clearer on PSVR than others. Astrobot vs Drive club is a night and day difference. A more powerful console will have less trouble rendering games not made for VR in VR.

Perhaps PSVR2 will also have wider FOV, fit better over my glasses, less weight, more comfortable. Not that PSVR is bad, but why stick to a 42" LCD when there are 65" OLEDS.