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VR is nothing but an in-between step to the holo deck and lifelike robots, so VR is never gonna be the future.

Cloud gaming might have a chance to be part of the industry in the future, though it does have a certain audience issue, namely that there almost is none. We will have to see how gaming and hardware will develop in the next decade or two. It all depends on what kind of games will be popular and how good internet speeds and device power can keep up. Technically we have been doing "cloud gaming" for years now by having local clients that get most of the important data from the cloud, that's why we already have lag in games. I don't really like the term. It should be called "game streaming".

Game streaming like Stadia does it will only be viable in the future if internet connections can't keep up with ever growing game data sizes, hence making on demand gaming appealing, or if hardware improvements can't keep up with game demands.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.