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MTZehvor said:
Chris Hu said:

Well that prediction was way off.  What made you actually think that the Cowboys had a legit shot at winning against the Bills their defense has been bad to mediocre all season and their offense has been highly overrated.  The Bills on the other hand have a decent offense and a legitimate top five defense.

I mean, to be fair to the prediction, the Bills have taken advantage of an absolute cupcake schedule so far. Before today, they had only played four teams who weren't at least 3 games below .500, and they were 1-3 in those games. The last time Buffalo came out against a halfway decent NFC East team, they got absolutely flattened. It wasn't unreasonable to think that it could happen again.

Chris Hu hates the Cowboys with passion, so anytime the Cowboys mess something up, he writes a "Cowboys so overrated" post.

Either way, Bills@Cowboys was a onesided game that didn't have much to offer. Thread title so bad.

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