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RolStoppable said:
MTZehvor said:
Friendly reminder that the first game tomorrow is at 12:30 PM EST, rather than the usual TNF start time of 8:15. There are three Thursday games this week (due to Thanksgiving), so get your picks in sooner than you would if you usually wait until Thursday to submit.

Bills@Cowboys is the game worth watching? It has the biggest playoff implications, sure, but that's all it has going for it.

Pretty lame Thanksgiving overall, but I'd rank the games in the order NO@ATL, CHI@DET and BUF@DAL. The NFC South rivalry should be good, especially because the Saints have to make up for their loss against the Falcons earlier this season. Bears vs. Lions is another divisional game, so that's at least something. The Bills are just going to get clobbered by the Cowboys.

Well that prediction was way off.  What made you actually think that the Cowboys had a legit shot at winning against the Bills their defense has been bad to mediocre all season and their offense has been highly overrated.  The Bills on the other hand have a decent offense and a legitimate top five defense.