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Bofferbrauer2 said:
SpokenTruth said:
If no Switches games gain a point tomorrow, 10 points will be the highest listed Switch title. And yes, we might see a 5 point entry...maybe even 4 as HylianSwordsman suggests.

Come on COMG.

This really screams for a new Nintendo Direct. Too bad we probably will have to wait until next year

Yea i mean the only chance of announcements we still have for this year is at the Game Awards. Not sure if they will be as present now we the new President in NoA. Reggie always supported the show but now that he's gone we'll see how it goes i guess.

Other than that, Nintendo's power is at peak during holiday season they really don't have to lift a finger to sell consoles over a million a week lmao. So yea we will probably have to wait until next year for a direct, but i'm sure something atleast small like a port that will be randomly announced this year, i can't see them not releasing anything until March.