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JRPGfan said:

FF7R is big though... thats like Halo levels of big.
Ghosts of Tsushima is probably like gears levels.
The Last of Us Part 2, is alot bigger than a halo title is.

Theres stuff for 2020... that should make new consumers want to jump on board, ontop of the already really solid lineup & library of games there.

Also like I said, that forecast down to 13.5m, is something thats gonna be blown past imo.

Halo has greatly diminished on Xbox One, hasn't it? So I am not sure if that's a favorable comparison.

Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2 won't release during the current fiscal year, so they have no relevance.

Sony had more than six months of PS sales data for the current fiscal year to look at when they made their downward revision to 13.5m. If they had thought that they have a good shot at meeting the revised forecast of 15m, they would have kept it. The stock market doesn't forget that the original forecast was 16m, so if Sony finished with ~15m like you believe after revising down to 13.5m, nobody would be impressed by it. Instead Sony's ability to forecast would be questioned because revisions are supposed to be more accurate, especially because the forecasted timeframes get shorter as the fiscal year goes on.

TruckOSaurus said:
CGI-Quality said:

According to him, no.

But BenVTrigger used to have some sales insights too right?

I think it's the same guy, but it would be understandable for him to deny previous nicknames. People have been going after his Benji persona often enough, so he doesn't want to carry the baggage of Ben as well.

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