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BraLoD said:
The deal is real good, so yeah, I should sell really well.
Now selling more than the last several months combined means it had really slowed down before.
Seriously Sony, get it a permanent price cut already, it needs it, there are lots of people that still want it, but $300 is too much in 2020.

Sony stated early in the year that they would be focusing on hardware profit over market expansion. So I don't think we will see them dropping the price anytime soon. 

IMO, this is a short sighted strategy. The real profit is in services and software, which requires getting the hardware in more hands.

At any rate, if this information is true, that is great news for PS4. If it is still selling this well at this point, with PS5 already being discussed by Sony for most of the year, then it just shows how strong the system is. If it continues to surpass expectations, then more people might have to come to terms with the possibility that it may just end up reaching or surpassing PS2 when it is all said and done. 

I would love to see a hint about how PSVR is doing as well. It is a bit slow on hype with Iron Man slipping into next year. I'm curious if Astrobot, Blood and Truth, Everybody's Golf VR, and some of the back catalog, along with the $199.99 + 5 Games bundle will be enough to help it move some decent numbers?

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