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Shadow1980 said:

Given that VR has been around for decades and they're still trying to iron out all the kinks, and given how no company has yet to demonstrate that it is indispensable for moving the medium forward, I doubt that it will be the future of gaming, at least not anytime within the next 10-20 years. Maybe if they ever get to full "deep-dive" stuff like we see in science fiction. But I doubt what we have now is going to cut it.

There was lot of hype around VR in this incarnation, and actually, while it has not exploded as some predicted and hoped, it has some degree of success.

But overall, I agree, even in some near(-ish) future with advanced sets (that is, without cords, with 200-210 degree horizontal FOV, 4K per eye resolution, eye tracking and foveated rendering and better controllers like Valve Index) hitting mass market price bracket ($399) I don't see VR replacing classic gaming - while even quite average games are vastly better in VR, conformt of sitting down and playing, in addition to not needing a lot of space to move around is not to be forgotten and undeestimated, no matter how good VR set is.

But, eventually, in some not so distant future, we will get neural VR - direct to brain injection of image, sound and all other senses - and, IMO, that would not only be huge, but will replace almost all type of gaming.