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tsogud said:
uran10 said:

Alright, I'll bite for a bit. Time to put the Berniecrat and Tulsicrat theory in the heads of everyone here. Let's start with the basic premises that lead to the overall theory.

1) Tulsi Endorsed Bernie in 2016

2) Tulsi is a member of the Sanders Institute

3) Tulsi Met with Bernie (and only Bernie) before her presidential bid was announced.

Now that we have the factors that lead to the theory let me actually explain what the theory is along side the evidence to back up said theory. The Theory is that Bernie and Tulsi are members of the same team and that when the convention reaches around they will pool their delegates together. Most Bernie and Tulsi supports (especially the crossover which is a hell of a lot from the tulsi side) think this is the case, and even Mike Gravel says that this is the absolute best ticket for taking down Donald Trump and fixing the country. (I'd much prefer her as sec of state than VP tho, I'm on the Nina VP train). Another factor to back this up comes in the form of point 3 above. Tulsi met with Bernie and told him that she was thinking about running and do you know what bernie did? He told her to run, he pushed her to run.

2nd point and the thing that actually makes me believe a bit more is watching where they focus on. She isn't going for the Bernie crowd, she's not targeting or purposely trying to bring us over to her. Her focus is entirely different to Bernie, the demographic she's going for are people who wouldn't actually vote or don't even trust democrats and to an extent some of that group is like "screw bernie" cause of 2016 when he endorsed hillary. She's expanding the electorate in a very different way than Bernie and is trying not to overlap support unlike someone else whose taking his entire campaign, watering it down and then claiming to be the "same".

Short and sweet version, she's working with Bernie in expanding the electorate, has his blessings to run, and isn't targeting his core supporters with his message unlike another "progressive" in the race. There's also other things that Bernie supporters and Tulsi supporters point out such as when they come back on stage during debates one has their hand on the others back, and when they meet at dem meet ups you see him shake hands etc with others then he meets with Tulsi and its a big hug. This is essentially the Bernie/tulsi conspiracy theory that the intersection believes in and it also helps that unlike another person in the race Tulsi would defend Bernie and Tulsi wouldn't attack or make claims such as "America doesn't want a white man" etc.

In other words here's my belief. I trust Bernie and Tulsi to pool together their delegates, and I'm 100% sure Warren is a part of the stop Bernie coalition and you can point out that she also met up with Bernie, but I'm also going to point out she met up with the head of the neoliberal wing and the stop bernie chief of staff, Hillary Clinton as well before announcing her run and after as well. That's all I'm saying.

Ehh, I mean even if that were the case she's not really polling that well at all so how much will it actually help... My guess, not that much but we'll see though.

Also, I must say, that Warren remark is ridiculous. You can talk with neoliberals and not be a neoliberal you know. Sanders has closely WORKED with prominent Republicans in the past to make sure bills/amendments got through, and describes most of the primary field as his friends. By your logic Bernie would be a secret republican/neoliberal agent. And that's just not true.

part 1: refer to my feelings about polling and waiting for votes to come in

part 2: I'm not saying its wrong to talk to neo-libs and Bernie has not compromised on his values while doing this and working with republicans. However, coming off of a rigged primary in 2016 where you're meeting with the person who rigged it while knowing they rigged it before the same party's primary doesn't sound some alarm bells? I'd love to be wrong on this but I don't think I am. She's a team player and that's why I 100% think if it comes down to it she will go against Bernie if there is a contested convention. "Just a player in the game"

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