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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Jumpin said:

XBOne will have high sales with the deal, but that’ll hurt future hardware sales. Not saying it isn’t a smart move since the revenue from both software and brand promotion for conversion to sales of the XBTwo will probably outdo the otherwise revenue trajectory. For the intents and purposes of these threads, XBOne comes out of this a weakling for hardware sales once this period is over.

Will be interesting to see if this eats into PS4 sales at all (in NA at least).  Normally the tail end of sales is associated with a really good price cut compared to the console's original price, but PS4 hasn't really cut the price much overall.  Some of those people waiting around for a cheap PS4 may just fold and get the XB1 SAD deal instead.

PS4 is $199 with 3 games bundled

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