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Wyrdness said:

Really puts into perspective why BOTW has far more appeal than prior Zelda games.

I think this is another way that BotW is like the first Zelda game.  Miyamoto knew the first Zelda would be complex for some gamers, and so he tried to communicate it was a different kind of game just by making the player go into the first cave to get their sword.  Of course, any one who sticks with the NES game for a little while realizes they can approach the dungeons and enemies in a large variety of ways.

The main think holding back Zelda 1 sales is that it was overshadowed by Mario.  BotW is not really overshadowed by any game on the Switch.  It is the premier single player game on the Switch.  Who knows just how well it will sell?  I think it's legs are going to last for Switch's whole lifetime.