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kirby007 said:
@Hiku, im just unhappy with the fact that instead of going for something fresh they rehash old content. I dont deny it takes them hard work, but its time not used for something different.
Fyi if its about HD remasters in general, im more harsh and throw it in the lazy cashgrab department, and hope every remaster bombs

That's kind of a narrow way to look at it.  Remasters are most often done by smaller teams, who probably wouldn't be able to make their own games anyway.  It can create revenue streams that allow developers to gamble more on experimental titles.  Contrary to what people may think, it actually can encourage developers to invest in new IPs. 

Before remakes became a popular thing, a developer who made a great game would only reap the benefit for one console generation.  With remasters and remakes, it allows the developer to profit off of it for a much longer time.  Similar to how great movies or albums can keep making money throughout their lives, a great game can now do the same.  This can push developers to make something that will truly shine and withstand the test of time.