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Mar1217 said:
curl-6 said:

Man, this drought of (worthwhile) Nintendo news is killing me. There hasn't been an interesting reveal or announcement for the Switch since E3 five months ago.

I have games to play in the mean time thankfully, but I really, really miss having stuff to get hyped for and look forward to.

I know it sounds entitled but I'm having such a horrible time lately and it'd be so nice just to have a cool new game announced, or even just a trailer or a gameplay snippet for something I'm interested in. Just a bit of excitement and positivity. :(

I'm sure you'll get something out of the VGA awards ;)

Anywoo, on other news, the new game from Shin'en, The Touryst, just got released today on Switch :D

Getting it ASAP.

Cheers man. :) 

Honestly, if I get gameplay of Bayo 3, BOTW2, or a new game that interests me, I'll be satisfied. Heck, it doesn't even have to be Nintendo, if Activision unveil the rumored new Crash Bandicoot game and confirm its coming to Switch, that'll be enough for me. Just need something new and concrete to look forward to and get hyped about haha