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Finished watching this movie and greatly enjoyed it! It managed to make me... FEEL. This is the cut I watched, 11 hours worth of good stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffu3p1W4oD4

I wish Sam were more likeable, they shoulda delved into his past more. As is I'm left wondering how he got a wife and made her pregnant if he always distanced himself from people and was afraid of touching. Never getting scenes with his family made their inclusion feel tacked on for sympathy points.

Also if the extinction events are controlled by conscience beings, why would they choose to do it rather than just saying no? I didn't really understand that part if there was an explanation given.

My biggest qualm of all though, how the fuck do you walk on sand no problem with high heels? xD

Regardless, I eagerly await Kojima's next project. I hope it'll be something I'd want to play though if he's going to call it a game.