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RaptorChrist said:
d21lewis said:

Opinions are like...well, you know. Anyway, my brother and I started playing the Metal Gear series on the NES (based on the commercial, we thought it was gonna be another Commando/Ikari Warriors). We were surprised and hooked ever since. 

MGS4 was the reason I purchased a PS3 and I was actually pretty underwhelmed. It still had some great moments but it just seemed to be missing so much that made 1-3 so epic. And it had too many terrible moments, imo.

I also bought MGS5 (both partss) at full price on day one and couldn't bring myself to finish it. This was the first time I'd never finished a Metal Gear. I still plan to one day but it's been how many years?

So I skipped this game. The only reason I'm even here is to see if people's personal experiences match the reviews.

The only MG game I ever played was 5, and I first played it a few years ago and didn't enjoy it enough to continue past the second mission. I tried playing it again a few months ago in anticipation for DS and ended up finishing the game, and a portion of the post-game, and really enjoyed it. It was recent enough such that I haven't mentally put the game down yet, although I doubt I'll play again anytime soon (ever?).

I'm not the biggest fan of stealth games, but I've opened up a bit after playing MGSV.

Graphically and gameplay wise, it's awesome! The sparse story and lack of things to do killed it. It plays differently from pretty much every other game in the series (aside from Peace Walker) so if you do play any of the other games, you're in for a shock! The others had a dialogue/cutscenes/easter eggs that compelled you to see what's next, though. The narrative kept me going and, in this day and age, they probably aren't as engaging either. 

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