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d21lewis said:
colafitte said:


Those games deserved the 90+ scores...They're classics, even with their faults. And Death Strading should have been treated the same way, i mean like a 90+ scored game.

Opinions are like...well, you know. Anyway, my brother and I started playing the Metal Gear series on the NES (based on the commercial, we thought it was gonna be another Commando/Ikari Warriors). We were surprised and hooked ever since. 

MGS4 was the reason I purchased a PS3 and I was actually pretty underwhelmed. It still had some great moments but it just seemed to be missing so much that made 1-3 so epic. And it had too many terrible moments, imo.

I also bought MGS5 (both partss) at full price on day one and couldn't bring myself to finish it. This was the first time I'd never finished a Metal Gear. I still plan to one day but it's been how many years?

So I skipped this game. The only reason I'm even here is to see if people's personal experiences match the reviews.

The only MG game I ever played was 5, and I first played it a few years ago and didn't enjoy it enough to continue past the second mission. I tried playing it again a few months ago in anticipation for DS and ended up finishing the game, and a portion of the post-game, and really enjoyed it. It was recent enough such that I haven't mentally put the game down yet, although I doubt I'll play again anytime soon (ever?).

I'm not the biggest fan of stealth games, but I've opened up a bit after playing MGSV.