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Been awhile since I posted any sort of Death Stranding message. I actually haven't played much this past week and have instead played a bunch of Disco Elysium on PC as well as Pokemon Sword and Shield with my little one.

Going to get back to DS soon. I didn't realize Elysium was going to be a 60 ~ 90 hour game, as I like to keep that information secret while I play through a game.

Nice to see DS get so many nominations for GotY. From what I've played so far, it seems worthy of the title. If not DS, then RE2 or Sekiro. I'd say that Smash Ultimate is possibly the "best" game of the year, but so much of it comes from Smash 4 that I don't know if it deserves the title. I never played Control, but my neighbor across the street has and really liked it, so now I'm interested in playing it myself.

I'm glad there's no Kingdom Hearts 3 nomination for GotY, as it was a major disappointment for me.