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colafitte said:
Well, when i meant the score MGS 4 received was fair..., i meant it was fair in 2008 when it launched, when it was rated. MGS 4 is my least favorite main MGS game too. MGS 4 had an interesting story, a funny villain and gorgeous moments, fantastic audiovisuals at the time and it was pure nostalgia for fans that played and loved the saga. It was what it was, good and bad, but mostly good.

Well what I experienced from the game, coupled with what people in my circle told me they felt about it, did not line up with the reviews. But it wasn't until MGSV reviews that I got the impression reviewers had reservations against properly criticizing the games.
The issues I had with MGSV were commonly not expressed in reviews I read. They mainly just complained about how the end felt unfinished. Fastforward a few years though, and as I listen to podcast from some gaming publications, I started hearing my issues with the game echoed quite frequently. They even laugh about it, like it's an inside joke. But then when I checked the reviews from the same publication/person, those things were not mentioned.

Perhaps it didn't dawn on them until later. That happens. Especially after you talk about it with other people.
But I felt like some of those things were very obvious and should have been addressed from the start.

colafitte said:
As for MGS V. Ocelot acts the way it does in MGS V because he is not 18 years old anymore like he was in MGS 3. He is close to 40 right now. You have to take into account that in MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 and MGS4 he was a double and triple agent at time doing an act. in MGS V he probably is the most honest version of him, a matured and more calmed version of a Snake fanboy, that like to interrogate people in its free time....XD.

I wouldn't have found it strange that he changed personality between MGS3 and V, if it weren't for how he went back to being eccentric again in MGS1.
Being a double agent has nothing to do with acting like he's a hoteheaded eccentric when he's actually calm and rational. If anything, it should have made him look more suspicious to Liquid, how he went from mellow and level headed, to that.
And he was a double agent in MGSV as well. (He was working for someone else.) But again, he played a very small and insignificant role in MGSV, which is a wasted opportunity. Why would you have him on the team, and then not partner up with him in the field, even once?

He even rode all the way out on the battlfield with Snake, for some inexplicable reason, and then just left.

colafitte said:
As for Quiet and that puddle. By the time you have that scene, you must have played a lot of missions together to reach that affinity level. Quiet and Snake had already a good chemistry since they met in that duel in Afghanistan, so i don't see the problem here. The subtle relation between both during the game was one of the best things of the game in my opinion, and it made their last mission a sad one.

I sure did spend time with her on missions. But since Quiet doesn't talk, we had 0 conversations. Have you ever seen Snake do anything like that? It seemed pretty awkward. So I would want more than just some off screen character development to swallow a scene like that.
By the end of the game though, their final mission felt appropriate and well written.

colafitte said:
Despite all of that, an awful story has not avoided multitude of games to have 90+ metacritic countless times (i see Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, etc as examples), so because of that MGS V should not be penalised either too.

I can't say much about Bayonetta because I didn't play much of it. But DMC essentially invented the genre, and had that going for it. And the story, while extremely cheesy, also had its charm with some memorable one liners from Dante. A characteristic Capcom doubled down on with subsequent games (with the exception of DMC2), and turned it up to 11.
If DMC1 tried to have a well written story, and DMC4 and V messed it up, it should get penalized for it. But they instead went for the over-the-top cheesy angle. So bad that it's good.

Though for me the gameplay wasn't really there either for MGS4. While in 5 it was mainly just the story, but at the point where it really stood out.

Btw, funny you mentioned DMC and story. Because when DMC2 came out my friend told me how the story was bad. And I told him "Who cares? I don't play DMC for the story". And then I played the game and realized I actually missed the story. Even though it's less significant in non-story driven games, it can still be a notable factor to spice things up. And so any time it becomes relevant, I think back on this example.

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