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Omar500 said:

Because Nintendo games are almost always overrated from critics side of view. They are almost scared to give bad score for it 

That may be true in some cases, but incidentally I think Kojima games have traditionally fallen under that category as well, if we're talking scores.
I was surprised at just how positive reviewers were with Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5. They received Metascores of 94 and 93 respectively.
Which is even higher than MGS3's metascore. And I'm not sure about that one...

That's because they were fucking amazing games. And this comes from a person who thinks MGS 4 suffered with the sames problems Death Strading does but in a even worse level: cheesy dialogues, messy script, stupid moments (I HATED AKIBA WITH A PASSION, almost ruined the game for me). But like Death Stranding too, when the story and characters work, they really really work, and make for some of the most memorable moments in gaming (everything Snake and Liquid related in that game was amazing and i loved it). That's what Kojima gives to you. I accept the bad if i get this level of good too.

As for MGS V, MGS V is another amazing game. Its gameplay is still unmatched in an open world/sandbox-stealh/action game. The amount of different aproaches/ways to play the game are masterfully crafted. Yes, the story is inconclusive and lacks any good direction for the most part, but still talks about interesting ideas like imperialism, pacifism, identity, family, treason, loyalty, etc....It's production values are top notch too and is still one of one of my most played games this gen. And what gives if it does not have a good story??. Zelda BOTW does not have a good story either and nobody cared and received a 97 on metacritic....In fact, because it was a Kojima game, I think MGS V was unfairly trated after launch just because it was not treated like a normal game. 

As for the fact that those games received better scores than MGS 3, that probably happened because the original version of MGS 3 had that fixed camera from above a la MGS1-2 that made things way more difficult than necessary, a thing that was fixed with the Subsistance version. Oh, and by the way, MGS 3 is one of my top 5 games ever, with the best story Kojima has written by far. If MGS 4 and MGS V were 9/10 games (like Death Stranding) for me, MGS 3 (Subsistance version of course) is the pure definition of a 10/10.

Those games deserved the 90+ scores...They're classics, even with their faults. And Death Strading should have been treated the same way, i mean like a 90+ scored game.