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Angelv577 said:
The game looks good but if it is another online service type of game like sea of thieves, I am out.

For all our sakes I hope they don't opt for another always online Multiplayer game. I also don't believe they will do it because they already have Sea of Thieves which has so much support and popularity, I feel it wont suit there business model if they were to release another always online service game. I wouldn't put it past Rare to include a online Multiplayer mode in this type of game as it looks like you have companions that follow you around the land and I see a Multiplayer option to jump in and take control of one of those followers.

I always hoped Nintendo would make a co-op BOTW game and I hope this game delivers on that.

Anyway, its all speculation. No one knows what type of game this really is, I only created this thread to showcase the similarities between the two from what we have seen so far and I wont lie and say I am not hyped to learn more about this game in the coming future.