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My last update was 4 months ago, which means probably 10-15 shows worth watching came out and I have only watched 3 from my backlog, and not particularly interesting shows. I should be able to watch some of my more favorite shows soon.

7 Seeds- It had a good start and then it quickly died off. I enjoy interesting premises like this, but the execution is often questionable. The backstory was also cool for some of the events. Since we are talking about modern people here going into a post apocalyptic world fully prepared, I think there should have been a bit more to it. Don't remember OP and ED.

Ingress the Animation- A show based on an odd game. The CGI in this anime isn't terrible for once. The character Jack isn't bad, and the accompanying action isn't bad either. Everything else in this show is mediocre. So that is 3 cop shows with supernatural powers from netflix, and all 3 are mediocre. I look forward to another one next year! OP isn't bad and I really enjoyed the ED.

Clannad (23 episodes)- An older slice of life anime recommended to me by quite a few people. I actually tried this anime a few years ago and couldn't get past the first episode, but I tried again this year. This time I was more in the mood for slice of life and it worked quite well. I enjoyed the comedy in this show quite a bit and this type of comedy seems to be missing from many anime. The plot on the other hand was quite abrupt and did not have very smooth transitions. While I enjoyed the lead very much due to the comedy he added and the way he acted, the female leads were very lacking. The more interesting female characters get sidelined for the more boring characters. The ending to the anime was satisfactory to me, and I will definitely be interested in the next season, but that may take another year. I skipped OP, but the ED was quite good and sometimes I sing it aloud to everyone's confusion.

Edit: Was looking at new anime for the season and Blade of the Immortal is getting another anime adaptation. Awesome!

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