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Bandorr said:
Seems easier to create a second post instead of editing it.
What is up with Elise Stefanik?

Absolutely unknown to me, never heard of her. Never heard of her opponent.
She them absolutely embarrasses herself with that pathetic stunt, and now her opponent is blowing up.

"We raised over $100k in just under 6 hrs". She raised 6 figures because of this.
Why was Elise so eager to give her opponent such a win? Was she already going to lose?

SOmebody had to be "That Guy" for the GOP and she is it.  The GOP and Fox news prey on their people being ignorant and this stunt shows just how much they believe them to be idiots.  Actually its so disrespectful that any Republican should really be mad.  If this is what the GOP is reduced to then I see their future in grave peril from here on out.