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SammyGiireal said:
Microsoft needs and exclusive open-world game badly. They sort of let the Fable series die down. By the way Banjo wasn't better than Mario 64, it just looked better. This game is interesting, we shall if it worthy of standing along side BotW or the other open world games that are around.

Mario 64 is a masterpiece, however on a tech level and game design, I actually preferred Banjo Kazooie. We can argue that Banjo did come years later which in turn means better engines and game design etc. 

I personally grade Banjo higher than Mario 64. I think what made me love Mario 64 is that it was the first 3D game done right and to me it will always be held high. Banjo just added on and pushed the 3D platformer genre even further ahead. It will be a battle of the ages between which was better Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, I am sure many out there agree and disagree. They are both masterpieces at the same thing.

Yeah I agree Xbox need a openworld RPG game. Sony have Horizon Zero Dawn and Nintendo have Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles. Everwild seems to focus on being that Xbox Zelda style game while Fable is rumoured to be made by Playground Games which will cover the more heavy RPG styled openworld games if the rumours are true of course.

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