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tbone51 said:
curl-6 said:

Imagine back in 2016 if you'd said that BOTW would sell 20 million lifetime. You'd be laughed at, called insane. I had a hard enough time convincing folks in 2017 it had a shot at 10 million.

here is the 10mil thread


This one makes for some interesting reading nowadays...

Geralt said:
Im thinking closer to 4 million

IsawYoshi said:
I'm thinking more 6 million combined

DarkD said:
It will sell 8 million max. Most likely is 3-5 million. Even that might be optimistic. If it were to multiplatform, it would easily sell 15 mill, but isolated on the Nintendo platform is going to kill it's potential.

contestgamer said:
6 million, its a niche franchise, doubt itll do 10 mil. its too small an IP