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Baalzamon said:
For what it is worth, I don't think Trump really belongs in the same discussion regarding a what's wrong with the majority of rich people.

For one, I'd hardly qualify him as extremely wealthy by his own means. He is one that inherited a fortune, and quite frankly, really hasn't done much of anything with it.

For another, there is huge discrepancy regarding how much he is really worth, and I'd say the lower end of the spectrum is likely much more accurate, knowing how much he acts like a bozo.

He also seems quite substantially more selfish with his money than many of the Uber wealthy, who as I've discussed have either donated billions already, or pledged to donate a substantial portion of their money towards charitable organizations.

There will always be super shitty people, no matter where you look...and you can't really judge an entire class of people just off of these shitty peoples actions.

Yeah, I think one of the main problems in society is inheritance, but I really don't see what can be done about it unfortunately. I don't have much of an issue with self-made wealthy people. They'll likely generate significant taxes and create jobs along the way, and in most cases are being rewarded for hard-work and talent. It's when these people can then transfer this reward to off-spring who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it that's the problem. It both punishes everyone else who haven't had this foot-up by having to compete with people who've had the hugest of head-starts, and I think also has a detrimental effect on the kids themselves as they haven't had to learn the value of money or know what it's like to live life without a safety net - which I think is fundamental in building character. Getting knocked around a bit by life I think also teaches you empathy as you can relate to other's misfortunes and pain.

I'm not saying there's no such thing as a nice trust-fund kid but they often seem to lack 'something', there's nothing behind the eyes...

It delivers unearned money & therefore power into the hands of people who aren't competent or responsible enough to wield it properly.

Trump is a great example - where do we think he'd honestly be without his silver spoon? I'm guessing some kind of used car salesman or 2-bit loan shark. And yet, because of inheritance (or the transference of wealth if that's a better fit) he's the gaddamn President! It just illustrates how much of a perversion of our system it creates. Society thrives in meritocracy - yet it feels like it revolves more and more around nepotism... Or maybe it's not getting worse, maybe it's always been like this, I dunno.

This problem is illustrated in the ever-growing wealth inequality in our society and I can't see that changing any time soon sadly...

Interesting talking points though Baalzamon!

EDIT - maybe I'm being harsh on Trump - I guess that if he'd had to start from zero, like most of the rest of us, he'd have turned out completely differently. If he didn't have a team of lawyers and the fruits of Daddy's money behind him he'd have had to engage with people on a genuine, human level. Rather than threatening to stiff, fire or sue people he'd maybe have developed a warm and endearing personality - and who knows, potentially still be President, just an altogether different kind...

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