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CaptainExplosion said:
Baalzamon said:
For what it is worth, I don't think Trump really belongs in the same discussion regarding a what's wrong with the majority of rich people.

For one, I'd hardly qualify him as extremely wealthy by his own means. He is one that inherited a fortune, and quite frankly, really hasn't done much of anything with it.

For another, there is huge discrepancy regarding how much he is really worth, and I'd say the lower end of the spectrum is likely much more accurate, knowing how much he acts like a bozo.

He also seems quite substantially more selfish with his money than many of the Uber wealthy, who as I've discussed have either donated billions already, or pledged to donate a substantial portion of their money towards charitable organizations.

There will always be super shitty people, no matter where you look...and you can't really judge an entire class of people just off of these shitty peoples actions.

Forgot to mention that Jeff Bezos hasn't paid any taxes since 2017, and now he's the richest person in the world.


Source on where Jeff Bezos paid $0 in personal income taxes since 2017? I'm not aware of any info of the sort being released. Amazon may not have paid any, but that is a business. We aren't talking about businesses and their current tax burdens. We are talking about people who individually themselves are very wealthy and how much they as an individual pay in taxes.

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