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mZuzek said:
Jpcc86 said:

Question: Seeing @mZuzek post in here, is this the post to include the Honorable Mentions that didnt make the list or can I just add them tomorrow in the other topic when the list starts.  

Follow up question: Given that christmas season is coming and I might travel, a couple of days I might not be able to enter the forum and edit my list, any issue if I add those couple of games beforehand?

Follow up question number 2: What happens if you put shampoo and conditioner on at the same time? 

You can include your honorable mentions in your post in the official thread, of course. You can do whatever you want with that post, as long as it's you don't flood it with images and keep it clear and obvious what the top 50 is. I just did it, actually. You can't post a second time, though.

Follow up question... nah, don't worry. Not everyone is gonna be available day in, day out, for almost 2 months - it's normal for people to post a few games ahead of schedule or catch up later when they get back. In fact, I'm gonna do that right now!


*ahem* um, sorry about that. Hints.

#50 - I'm in it!
#49 - It has clunky controls.
#48 - The final boss shoots fireballs from a mouth in his belly, and it's a pain.
#47 - It hasn't been ported to the Switch.
#46 - Full steam ahead!

Some of those are quite vague. Let me try some:

#50 Marvel vs Capcom 3

#48 Tekken 5

#47 Mario 3D World

#46 Steamworld Dig 2

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