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Baalzamon said:
The problem with that mindset is that people wouldn't be happy until the billionaires have $0 left.

The billionaires give...billions to extremely helpful charities (and no, it isn't to just get a tax break. The math behind giving $2 to save $0.80 in taxes just doesn't add up as so many people seem to think).

Do they live more lucratively than they could? They absolutely do. Many billionaires are even for potentially raising taxes (Bill Gates himself isn't against a higher tax rate on the wealthy, nor is Warren Buffett).

But once again, you are constantly changing your argument here. This all started because you said rich people haven't worked a day in their lives (when other than the very few wealthy people who inherited enormous wealth, they obtained their very wealth by doing just that...working). You then converted this to they haven't worked hard in their entire lives.

Now you have converted to just saying the Billionaires could give more to help, but they give nothing. Not only did I never insinuate billionaires don't have money to help further, but you are once again wrong in saying they just don't help at all. They absolutely do.

Our problems I think boils down to a lot more of fundamental basics on how to get through adulthood vs just having the wealthy distribute even more dollars to the poor. Eventually, (and I know this is somewhat of a slippery slope), you could tax the wealthy with extreme rates (say 90%), but you will still have people in poverty. No matter how much you redistribute wealth, there will always be some people in poverty, especially when many people simply don't understand the basic mechanics of handling the money that they do have.

Look, I'm all for the betterment of society as a whole, I just really don't think this complete attack on the Uber wealthy (even if I do believe they should have SOME more taxes) will accomplish remotely close to what people seem to be envisioning.

I'm not saying make them bankrupt, I'm saying that they should be helping others get out of poverty, instead of screwing them over like Trump and Epstein have.

Some days I just blow up.