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Darwinianevolution said:
I can't get into any Souls like game. Maybe it's because I'd rather grind for hours and get it done at a reasonable amount of tries than just fail and fail over and over again with little to no progress. Slow and steady progress seems more rewarding.

You won't fail that much.

Also, you can grind levels you want too, though it won't make a huge difference.

Funny that failed nearly 100 straight times in the Nioh beta made me love it, tho, lol.

I finished the first level on normal and went straight to fight Muneshige, but I had just sold all my gear but one very heavy set I had just gotten, and realised I wouldn't be able to leave the fight without losing all the amrita I had... which I refused to.

So I fought him nearly naked, at a very low level (I was supposed to do the hard stage before him too) and would get 1 hit koed to most of his attacks.

I spend two hours dying to him before I could finally take him out. But boy what a feeling.

I was already in love with that game since before it was announced tho, lol, was a dream come true.

But those games are not THAT hard in general, they have hard parts but a mostly doable after some tries.

Have defeated a lot of the bosses from those game in the first time, and I'm not a skilled player.

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