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I'm just gonna highlight something Tulsi said a while back. It was along the lines of we should get out of Syria, but do so carefully or we'll put the Kurds in danger. Fast forward and it turns out she was right, yet we have people claiming her views are bad because she doesn't want regime change war in Syria (you know, overthrowing their government) especially cause the last few regime change wars went so well... oh wait they're still ongoing lol.

Give her her credit. She's right on Syria, she was right in the debate because pete was advocating for endless war while claiming he wasn't. In fact, the only way to have solved this situation without it becoming the **** show it is now was by talking to Assad and having this done diplomatically. But oh no, doing that makes you an Assad apologist.

I'm just saying, Diplomacy is a thing and having to talk to leaders of other countries is part of that. Also, investigations for those last few "gas" attacks over the last few years concluded that it wasn't Assad that did those but those lovely white helmets the US is helping. Isn't it funny how Assad always gasses his people when he's gained the advantage just so the US and their allies can come in to help? Just saying

Oh, you also have to love throwing missiles at them before anyone can investigate, its wonderful :)

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