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tsogud said:
morenoingrato said:



Gabbard's finally lost it. I hope that after this, she only goes more unhinged.
I didn't think the lunatic could go crazier, but this is probably her breaking point.
I won't stand here and defend Clinton, but she is probably right about Gabbard and Russia, and I can only hope that the attacks escalate.

If you told me this was a Trump Tweet, I'd believe you.

Why do you hate Tulsi so much? I don't even care about her candidacy or anything she's not gonna win but why are you so hateful towards her? It's gross tbh no one here is laughing at any other democratic candidate and revelling in their misfortune and comparing them to 45 except for you, it's very unbecoming and distasteful.

I don't think a candidate like her is deserving of any respect. Jokes aside, I find her actions on Syria grotesque, and her talking points as treasonous as Trump's.

Also, it's very telling that this specifically upsets you, considering this thread consists of almost relentless Warren bashing.