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Machiavellian said:
EricHiggin said:

Well that seems to make me think the decision was being talked about and made ahead of time, because if Trump made the decisions last minute, how did the Turks know how to mobilize for that exact time? It could also mean there was a leak, which shouldn't have happened, but based on America's intelligence branches and there leaks over the last couple of years, well. If a leak did come from American intelligence to make the problem much worse, then considering who's been doing the majority of the leaking, and who it typically impacts, I'd say both sides are partially to blame.

If what other countries do or say doesn't matter, then who cares about anything related to Russia? They're just sticking their noses into America's business, so who cares? Russia sticking it's nose into America's election impacted the outcome you say? Well you know what would impact the outcome of the Kurd/Turk conflict right now? Another country who's capable, getting involved and helping solve the problem. Does one matter, yet the other doesn't, even though they both effect America?

Lastly, let's say you help a newly acquired friend financially who was slightly in debt, partially because nobody else will even though their capable, and because it will likely lead to a positive outcome for both of you. Now what if that friend get's kidnapped and held for a costly ransom like a month afterwards? If you don't pay that ransom to get them released, does that make you a terrible person, considering you tried to help a little in the first place? What about this friends parents, siblings, cousins, friends, etc, who all don't want this unfortunate soul to face the consequences? Do they factor into this at all? If they decide not to help out, does the finger get pointed solely at you, because you're the newest ally who decided to help a little bit?

Yes the decision was talked about between Trump and Erdogan but not with the very allies he should have been protecting.  Is this the point you are not getting.  Was it not Trump who had a meeting with Erdogan just before he pulled out our Troops.  I will leave that one for you to chew on as you look for another excuse.

To your second paragraph, stop gaslighting.  Stop trying to find some silver lining that make Trump decision any less what it is because you want to throw others into the mix.  If 2 people killed someone does it make it any less of a crime if we are talking about just one of them.  Stay focused on the current topic instead of trying to create something else.  Since we only know the decision by the person we are discussing lets not throw your hypothetical BS into the mix to derail the current topic.

To your third paragraph, its another one of your analogies that totally misses the mark.  Its some made up hypothetical situation that doesn't even relate to the current event and pretty much a throw away paragraph on nothing.

Here is how I interpreted it.  If I was your friend and helped you through tough times, if there ever was a situation where you could help me out, you would always be looking for a way to stab me in the back.  This is basically how you come off as a person who will always look for a way out of helping your friends if you find a way to do so. This is my analogy of your waffling, trying to find a way to make stabbing your allies in the back instead of looking for solutions.

Just pointing out the lack of consistency.

Well your interpretation isn't how it was meant. 

The Canadian National Anthem According To Justin Trudeau


Oh planet Earth! The home of native lands, 
True social law, in all of us demand.
With cattle farts, we view sea rise,
Our North sinking slowly.
From far and snide, oh planet Earth, 
Our healthcare is yours free!
Science save our land, harnessing the breeze,
Oh planet Earth, smoke weed and ferment yeast.
Oh planet Earth, ell gee bee queue and tee.