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sundin13 said:
In other news, Mulvaney basically admits to a quid pro quo with Ukraine:

"Did he also mention to me in [the] past the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely," Mulvaney said of a conversation he had Trump. "No question about that. But that's it, and that's why we held up the money."


So, now we know that the money that was held up was held up in order to convince Ukraine to convince them to undertake and publicize highly political investigations on Trump's political opponents.

So I read this story today and was thinking to myself, what is the game plan here.  I am not a fan of Mulvaney but I do not believe he is a total idiot so its not like he doesn't know how his admission will go down.  I can see that he is trying to make it appear that the US use money for gain in foreign relations which no one is contending, its that personal aspect that he is trying to tiptoe which is a huge problem.

I am sure with all of the people who are testifying that he believe that trying to waffle on holding the aid to ukraine is a lost cause so he is trying to get ahead of that element but one thing he cannot get ahead of is Rudy.  Rudy is the achilles to every plot the White House tries to play and each day it gets worst.  Somebody is going to go down for this but I believe Rudy will sink just about everyone before he sees any jail time.