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Shadow1980 said:

For the first time in three months, it's Chart Time!

As stated earlier, I used the figures that were from the #1 predictors in the Era hardware prediction threads. Except for one, they all are within or right on the cusp of the estimates provided by Herlock, so I left what I had without changing them (the exception was the August figure for the XBO, which I bumped up from 90k to 100k). The first chart's resolution is 1 pixel ≈ 5200 units, so there is probably an error of anywhere from one to three pixels for most figures over the past three months. For other non-cumulative charts, the margin of error in pixels will be larger or smaller depending on how large the numbers on the vertical axis are. Charts with cumulative sales may also have small multi-pixel margins of error.

Well, enough with the caveats. Let's get on with it.

I may post some more charts later.

hey shadow, I've been kind of a lurker here lately (mostly posting on era nowadays), but i wanted to say that your charts are really great and a major part of why i still come here. i really appreciate the effort you put in :)

i was just wondering though - why not also post them to era? I know that a lot of people there would also really enjoy seeing these. no issue of course that you don't, i'm just kind of curious as to why... just a personal preference of site i guess? 

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