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DonFerrari said:
EricHiggin said:

I'm not saying he would try and smear PS, I'm saying if he was starting to hate his job because of the internal conflicts, and it didn't look like he had enough power or control to get his way in terms of what he wanted to implement, he could have decided to leave since he may be thinking it anyway, while getting something he wanted implemented in return for his departure.

I've been part of companies who've done some weird, odd, or downright stupid things before, just to clear up power struggles and major disagreements in management.

I could be wrong though, just figured it may be a possibility.

Well I think it would be a hard thing, but sure I can't disprove the possibility existing.

Maybe we'll know the truth by PS7.

The Canadian National Anthem According To Justin Trudeau


Oh planet Earth! The home of native lands, 
True social law, in all of us demand.
With cattle farts, we view sea rise,
Our North sinking slowly.
From far and snide, oh planet Earth, 
Our healthcare is yours free!
Science save our land, harnessing the breeze,
Oh planet Earth, smoke weed and ferment yeast.
Oh planet Earth, ell gee bee queue and tee.